Magic Cafe is owned and operated by magician Bryan Lizotte and his wife Michele. They are committed to serving quality food in a fun environment. Though the menu is simple, there will be many surprises along the way.

fresh, never frozen, What Sets us apart from other similar restaurants?
Our food and our Prices.

Our food is always cooked fresh when you order it. No pre-cooked eggs or hamburgers etc. So you will have to wait a bit for your order, but it will be hot and fresh.
When you order a breakfast egg sandwich you get 2 eggs, not one.
We only serve quality, fresh never frozen, Angus Burgers, that have a great taste. Our regular burgers are 1/3 pound and we also have half pounders if you have a big appetite.
We make our own French Fries from Idaho Potatoes. They taste incredible!